Just because…….

005I am looking at colour combinations which, until recently, I was hopeless at. My wonderful wife would say I am still hopeless but I am striving to improve. I would plant anything with anything without a thought for how it would look. I tend to look at plants individually rather than in groups. However, all that has to change in my ongoing search for enlightenment.

I downloaded  a colour wheel and taught myself what should go together so that I could plant borders and pots with some co-ordination. I wouldn’t ordinarily put orange and wine red together but the Geum ‘Totally Tangerine’ and Cotinus  coggygria seem to blend together well. Perhaps this colour combining thing really works! Normally I would have kept orange with yellow and green but because it is next to red on the wheel it is ok.

Perhaps it’s the blues, purples and whites of the geraniums and the yellow/green of the Tellima which soften the whole thing and bring it together in a cohesive combination.

Any thoughts???


4 thoughts on “Just because…….

  1. I love it! The colours and arrangement of plants work beautifully together; it’s delightful. The colour combination is similar to outside our kitchen window (hopefully by July) – dark purple Clematis ‘Polish Spirit’ and the rich orange/yellow of the rose ‘Lady Emma Hamilton’. The geraniums and Tellima certainly do bring it altogether and has given me some new ideas!

  2. Oh, yes, it works!!
    Under my Berberis ‘Rosy Glow’ are Heuchera ‘Ginger Peach’ with Tulip ‘Sensual Touch’ and ‘Ballerina’ with ‘Queen of the Night’. Then I toss in some Sedum ‘Angelica’ as lemon juice. Heuchera ‘Blondie”s bloom is perfect with the barberry flowers, then I added an upright Sedum ‘Teak’.
    How do you like that???
    The Coach

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